We currently offer comprehensive immigration solutions to clients who want to live and work abroad in the United States only. At the moment, the scoring system has undergone some significant changes and made it harder to get working visas to The Netherlands and Austria. So, if you want to live and work in Austria, The Netherlands (or Ireland), you can do the process on your own or we can offer you attractive alternative options in different countries that will serve you the same purpose of relocation.

Our services consist of professional assessment and personalized assistance throughout the entire US visa application procedure including:

  • Professional Assessment of Visa Options to Live and Work Abroad
    • Expert evaluation by our team of immigration experts of an individual’s options to live and work in the United States;
    • After a thorough review by our team of immigration professionals, clients receive their individual assessment that will inform them as to whether or not they are likely to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a visa to the USA, including which specific visa program they may be best-suited to apply for (US visa options may include a non-immigrant temporary work visa, or permanent resident immigrant visa and Green Card, depending on your preference, qualifications and other factors);
    • This professional evaluation can be invaluable in helping each client to make an informed decision about applying for overseas employment and the relevant visa.
  • Personalized Assistance in Properly Applying For the Relevant US Visa
    • Clients who are evaluated as likely to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a particular visa to the USA can also benefit from the expertise of our experienced team of professionals throughout the US visa application procedure;
    • Applying for a visa to the USA can be a rather complex process, but our team of immigration experts can:
      • simplify the procedure for you;
      • explain what needs to be done and when;
      • make sure all of the required forms are filled out accurately;
      • properly submit your visa application with all of the necessary documents;
      • answer any questions you may have during the procedure.
  • International Job Search Assistance
    • We cooperate with a leading international job search platform which matches job-seekers with employers who are looking for qualified workers;
    • A variety of international jobs around the world are available in a range of occupations.

Thus, the services offered by International Job Master can allow qualified clients seeking overseas employment to apply with confidence for a visa to the USA – the world’s largest economy and #1 immigration destination. If you want to work abroad, let the team of immigration experts at International Job Master evaluate and explain your US visa options and give you personalized assistance throughout the procedure that could open the door to a world of overseas employment opportunities!

NOTE: The work visa application procedures for Austria and The Netherlands are complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, we do not encourage people to apply for a work visa to these countries at this time and we are not currently assisting with the procedure for Austria, The Netherlands (or Ireland), although individuals may choose to do so on their own.