International Job Master is a private consultancy that helps clients around the globe to explore their options to live and work abroad.

We currently offer comprehensive immigration solutions to clients who want to live and work abroad in the United States only. At the moment, the scoring system has undergone some significant changes and made it harder to get working visas to The Netherlands and Austria. So, if you want to live and work in Austria, The Netherlands (or Ireland), you can do the process on your own or we can offer you attractive alternative options in different countries that will serve you the same purpose of relocation.

The United States is a prosperous country that boasts the world’s largest economy and is the top destination for immigrants living and working abroad. Thousands of people from different backgrounds dream of finding better opportunities in life available through overseas employment in the United States, but do not know what the eligibility requirements are or what they must do in order to be issued the relevant visa to the USA. In many cases, people miss out on excellent career options they may have to work abroad in the United States simply because they lack the necessary knowledge.

Thus, our team of immigration experts can use their knowledge and many years of experience to evaluate an individual’s potential to live and work in the USA, and can also guide qualified clients through each step of the US visa application procedure. This process starts with a detailed assessment from our team of immigration professionals that informs clients whether they are likely to meet the eligibility requirements to live and work in the USA, based upon a careful evaluation of the client’s relevant details and the current criteria.

Clients who are evaluated as likely to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a visa to the USA (i.e., a temporary non-immigrant work visa OR a permanent resident immigrant visa and Green Card), can also receive professional guidance to explain what needs to be done during each stage of the procedure; to make sure that all of their forms are filled out correctly and submitted properly with all of the required documents; and to answer any questions the client may have during the process.

We also cooperate with a leading international job search platform which matches job-seekers with employers who are looking for qualified workers.  A variety of international jobs around the world are available in a range of occupations.

In short, the International Job Master team of professionals can use their expertise to evaluate your options to live and work in the USA, and simplify the procedure to apply for the relevant US visa. If you are interested in overseas employment and want to find out if you qualify to work abroad in the United States, please feel free to contact us.